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Document Verification and Witnessing Services

We specialise in ensuring that your important documents, from ID1 forms to Passport certifications, are precisely witnessed and verified.

Document Verification and Witnessing Services in Nottingham

At AMH Solicitors, we know that dealing with the law can be complex. Our Document Verification
and Witnessing services are here to simplify the process for you. We specialise in ensuring that your
important documents, from ID1 forms to Passport certifications, are precisely witnessed and verified.

Below are some of the services we provide:

Witnessing ID1 Forms: At AMH Solicitors, we recognise the importance of proper identification in legal matters. Whether
you’re involved in property transactions or other legal processes, our team is here to witness and
verify your ID1 form.

Legal Charge Forms for Mortgages: Getting a mortgage can feel like navigating a maze. Our team is here to guide you through the process by witnessing and verifying your legal charge forms. Whether you’re a lender or a borrower, we ensure that the necessary legal steps are taken.

Change of Name Deed Poll: Deciding to change your name is a personal choice, and we respect that. Our services extend to witnessing and verifying change of name deed poll documents. Our team ensures that the process is straightforward, allowing you to embrace your new identity with the confidence that your documentation is in order.

Statutory Declarations: Sometimes, you just need to say it right. That’s where statutory declarations come in, and we’re here to help you get it right. Our solicitors specialize in witnessing and verifying these declarations, affirming the truth in legal matters. We understand the importance of clear and straightforward language in these documents, ensuring that your statements are legally sound and easily understood.

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Passport Certifications: Our Solicitors can confirm the authenticity and validity of your passport, providing official verification of your identity for various purposes.

ID Certification for Court Matters: Legal matters often require certification of identification documents for court appearances and proceedings. At AMH Solicitors, our team specialises in ID certification for court matters, ensuring that your documentation aligns with the highest standards of validity and authenticity.

TP1 Forms: Property transactions involve a mountain of paperwork, and TP1 forms are a crucial part of the process. Our solicitors are here to witness and verify your TP1 forms.

TR1 Forms: Similar to TP1 forms, TR1 forms are essential in property transfers. AMH Solicitors focuses on providing witnessing and verification services for TR1 forms.

Grave Certifications: In times of loss, dealing with legalities can be emotionally challenging. AMH Solicitors approaches grave certifications with the utmost sensitivity. Our witnessing and verification services for grave certifications ensure that the legal processes surrounding the resting place of loved ones are handled with respect and care.

Witnessing documents for use in international countries: If you require documents witnessed for international use, but not necessarily requiring a notary public, we are able to deal with this. Please note that while we offer valuable services, we are not a notary public.

Have a document that needs to be certified or verified? Contact us to book in for our next available slot.

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Lynda Arisso Lopez
Lynda Arisso Lopez
Great Service and very responsive always! They differenced a lot from other solicitors in this aspect. We used them to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa, and We are very pleased with their service. I would recommend them for sure!
Grace hechanova
Grace hechanova
Brillant Solicitor, Babul of AMH, very professional, reliable with excellent service. Big ThANK YoU for all your great efforts and time you put into which made my application a very successful one. Best of luck & more power to you! Highly recommended service +++++ Thank you also to Oliver for doing an amazing job. He's positive, calm attitude and prompt actions in dealing with all my queries. Best wishes.
Ayla Nasar
Ayla Nasar
AMH solicitors have been amazing. They have supported me with my husbands visa. I can not fault the solicitors one bit from start to finish, they have been so helpful and made the process so smooth. Nazia and Oliver were both brilliant from the moment the case was taken on right till the end. I will be coming back to AMH. Highly recommend????????????
Jr heating midlands limited
Jr heating midlands limited
Thank you so much Very pleased with the service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Azizullah Ahmed
Azizullah Ahmed
The best solicitor in Nottinghamshire Fantastic, professional efficient service always. I wouldn't use anyone else. Throughly recommend thank you Nazia????????
Nagham Naddour
Nagham Naddour
It was a great decision to have immigration lawyers for my visa application. AMH Solicitors fees were reasonable and well deserved for the professional service and the stress relief they provided. I appreciated the communication throughout and the phone call to inform me of the outcome and the final procedures.
Sairha Khan
Sairha Khan
A successful decision was made from the home office. This was all because of the hard work Babul and Oliver put into each and ever application. You are an amazing team. Keep up the great work.
Pisca Ncube
Pisca Ncube
A big thank you to Mr Babul Miah and the AMH team for the excellent and exceptional way they handled my case. My family and I are very grateful. We will highly recommend you to family, friends and anyone who might need your services.
Tahir Butt
Tahir Butt
Excellent service. They were very helpful with my immigration matter. I would highly recommend AMH Solicitors. Thank you.

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