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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Our specialist private client Solicitors can assist with the preparation of Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPA).

UK and Nottingham LPA Service

Our specialist private client Solicitors can assist with the preparation of Lasting Power of Attorneys
(LPA). We frequently advise individuals in making key decisions, before they prepare this key
document which is of vital importance.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows an individual (known as the “donor”) to appoint one or more trusted individuals (known as “attorneys”) to make decisions on their behalf in the event that they become unable to do so due to mental or physical incapacity.

An LPA covers what will happen to you during your lifetime, after you have no capacity to make decisions.

It has no effect once you have passed away. An LPA does not change a Will and has no
effect on the terms of your current or future Will, which is a separate legal document which covers
what happens to your assets once you pass away.

Types of LPAs:

1. Property and Financial Affairs LPA: This LPA grants your chosen attorney(s) the authority to make decisions related to your finances and assets. This can include managing your bank accounts, paying bills, selling or purchasing property, and investing your assets.

2. Health and Welfare LPA: The Health and Welfare LPA empowers your attorney(s) to make decisions regarding your medical treatment, living arrangements, and healthcare choices. This type of LPA is essential for those who want to specify their well-being and medical care.

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Why is it important to have an LPA?

LPAs offer several benefits, including:
1. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your affairs will be handled by a trusted individual ensures peace of mind in the face of unforeseen circumstances.
2. Decision Control: LPAs allow you to maintain control over your future when you can’t make decisions for yourself.
3. Avoiding Legal Complications: Without an LPA, family members may encounter difficulties in managing your affairs, leading to potential disputes and having to make an application to the Court of Protection which can be costly.
4. Preventing Delays: once registered, LPAs help avoid delays in making essential decisions, such as accessing medical treatment or managing financial matters.

Costs of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

The cost of creating an LPA is a worthwhile investment in securing your future and ensuring your wishes are respected. . At AMH Solicitors, we understand the importance of affordability, which is why we offer competitive rates for LPAs.

Our fully advised LPAs start from just £350 plus VAT. We also provide a discount for individuals who require both types of LPAs, making it even more cost-effective to plan comprehensively for your future.

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Lynda Arisso Lopez
Lynda Arisso Lopez
Great Service and very responsive always! They differenced a lot from other solicitors in this aspect. We used them to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa, and We are very pleased with their service. I would recommend them for sure!
Grace hechanova
Grace hechanova
Brillant Solicitor, Babul of AMH, very professional, reliable with excellent service. Big ThANK YoU for all your great efforts and time you put into which made my application a very successful one. Best of luck & more power to you! Highly recommended service +++++ Thank you also to Oliver for doing an amazing job. He's positive, calm attitude and prompt actions in dealing with all my queries. Best wishes.
Ayla Nasar
Ayla Nasar
AMH solicitors have been amazing. They have supported me with my husbands visa. I can not fault the solicitors one bit from start to finish, they have been so helpful and made the process so smooth. Nazia and Oliver were both brilliant from the moment the case was taken on right till the end. I will be coming back to AMH. Highly recommend????????????
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Jr heating midlands limited
Thank you so much Very pleased with the service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Azizullah Ahmed
Azizullah Ahmed
The best solicitor in Nottinghamshire Fantastic, professional efficient service always. I wouldn't use anyone else. Throughly recommend thank you Nazia????????
Nagham Naddour
Nagham Naddour
It was a great decision to have immigration lawyers for my visa application. AMH Solicitors fees were reasonable and well deserved for the professional service and the stress relief they provided. I appreciated the communication throughout and the phone call to inform me of the outcome and the final procedures.
Sairha Khan
Sairha Khan
A successful decision was made from the home office. This was all because of the hard work Babul and Oliver put into each and ever application. You are an amazing team. Keep up the great work.
Pisca Ncube
Pisca Ncube
A big thank you to Mr Babul Miah and the AMH team for the excellent and exceptional way they handled my case. My family and I are very grateful. We will highly recommend you to family, friends and anyone who might need your services.
Tahir Butt
Tahir Butt
Excellent service. They were very helpful with my immigration matter. I would highly recommend AMH Solicitors. Thank you.

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